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Contact, Terms,  and FAQ

     Hi! Thanks for stopping by :)  If you'd like to contact me, you can use the form below or the chatbox to the left.  This is the best way to contact me as I don't check my email nearly as often as I should.  Please let me know what you think (good or bad), if you have any problems with my creations, or even if there is something you'd like to see created.  I'm always looking for inspiration.

     Feel free to share my creations in any houses you create as long as it is not to a pay site of any kind.  A link back is appreciated, but I don't get too riled up about that kind of thing.  Do not upload my creations to your site and claim them as your own.  If you re-color any of my Sims2 converions, please give credit and a link-back to the original Sims2 mesh creator.  You are free to make re-colors of any of the meshes I create, but please give appropriate credit and a link-back.  And, lastly, feel free to convert any of my SIms3 meshes to Sims2 if that's what makes you happy - link back appreciated.

     Peace, and Happy Simming :)

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