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Major Lag Problem - Solved!

Posted on May 30, 2012 at 9:55 PM

I've been living with a major lag problem in my game for I don't know how long.  An EXCRUTIATING lag problem to be exact. Since my major in-game actions of late have been decorating and testing CC, I've limped along without too much complaint.  Monday, however,  my dcdb0.dbc file became corrupt, forcing me to do some tinkering to get my game going again. {And NO, you do NOT necessarily need to uninstall and reinstall all your games when this happens.  All I did was remove the corrupt dcdb0.dbc file and rename my dcdb1.dbc file asdcdb0.dbc.  I lost a good portion of my CC, but not all of it by anymeans.  And, more importantly, I did not have to go through the agony of several hours of uninstall/install.  Phew!}

Through this process, I noticed that without my Mods folder inplace, my game loaded in about 2 minutes, while I've been enduring nearly 10 minute load times of late with it installed.  Also, the response time in game for simple actions was noticeably slower with the Mods folder in place. So slow at times that it made completing anything virtually impossible.  So... faced with incontrovertible evidence that my .package CC was borking my game, I did a little research. I found some solid info on MTS about game lag.  I tried the ProcessMonitor part of their fix first (the MTS dl link is broken, so I have provided ithere), and it solved my problems immediately!  It turns out that I had 4 pieces of Sims2 .package CC from Mystic Rain in my mods folder.  Each .package was accessed over 300,000 times in the few minutes I let Sims 3 run for the Process Monitor test.    Thankfully, my game is running right as rain now with all my .package mods and CC.  ThanksMTS!!!


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