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Welcome to my site!

1/15/18 New & Updated OMSPs

Wow - it's been a minute or two since I shared anything. Now that I'm back, I have a bunch of 1/2 finished projects that I want to get out. The first is an update of my old OMSPs which have been batch-fixed in case there were any work-ability issues created by the multitude of patches that have happened while I was gone. They're also updated to have fancy new catalog images and have had the occluder shadows removed so that they don't make floor shadows.

AND I'm adding 5 Brand New OMSP heights - living chair, dining/desk chair, bar stool, sofa/love seat and bed!

I hope you enjoy and find these useful in your game :D

  •  5 New Heights
  • Slots for small,                     medium, and large             objects
  • Found in Comfort and         in Decor
  • Works with Design Tool

  • 6 Updated Heights
  • New Catalog Thumbnails
  • Found in Surfaces and      in Decor

Credit To:
OrangeMittens @S4S Forums for many invaluable tutorials <3

Tools Used:


Blender 2.70
Photoshop CC

5/13/15  Cassandre's Color Trends Fashion Boutique

Credit To:

Cassandre for the Sims 2 Meshes

UV Mapper Pro
Blender 2.70
Photoshop CC

AND ... Mirake Inspired Shop Shelves

Credit To:

UV Mapper Pro
Blender 2.70
Photoshop CC


4/25/15  Ohbehave007's Chesterfield Inspired Bed Conversion

I hope you love these as much as I do, because I ran into so many issues trying to make them work!  I nearly gave up at least twice, but I managed to get the last issue with the bed blankets somewhat solved.  So, here they are!  Enjoy :D

Credit To:

Ohbehave007 for the Sims 2 Meshes
Orangemittens for the Double Mattress
annachibi for the Single Mattress for the patterns

UV Mapper Pro
Blender 2.70
Photoshop CC

Items in the Set:

- Double Mattress  (24 recolors)

- Double Bed Frame  (24 recolors)
- Single Mattress   (24 recolors)
- Single Bed Frame  (24 recolors) 

Decorations - Misc.
- Single Bed Pillows  (24 recolors)

- Double Bed Pillows  (24 recolors)
- Extra Blanket & Pillow  (24 recolors)

- Single Bed Blanket  (24 recolors)
- Double Bed Blanket  (24 recolors)

3/28/15  Sims 4 OMSPs

     I know that MOO is greatly expanded in the Sims 4 with the ability to raise/lower objects just using bb.movebobjects in the console window.  Unfortunately, I find that objects will still "snap" to container slots in surfaces that have them. Especially when I REALLY don't want them to....grrrr.  This left me longing for some good, old-fashioned Sims 2/3-style OMSPs.  

     It took some fiddling, but, with the help of some advice and tutorials over at Sims 4 Studio, I was able to make something I'm quite happy with for my decorating needs.  Hopefully, you might find them useful as well. 

NOTE - the use of bb.moveobjects or TwistedMexi's MOO mod is still required.

  • 6 Heights
  • Will not "snap" to slots
  • Found in Surfaces and Decor
  • 2nd texture is transparent
  • Works with Design Tool


2/22/15 NMS Pretty in Pink Fixes

It came to my attention on tumblr that there were some glitchy pieces in my NMS S2to3 Pretty in Pink Conversion that would cause game crashes. (YIKES - sorry!)  I have recloned those 3 items (Notice Board, Photo Album & Scissors) and tested them in my game.  I was able to place and recolor in Buy Mode and view in Live Mode with no problems. Sorry for any inconvenience these items might have caused for you.



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